Kicks off Thursday 10th November

4 day prep + 3 weeks reset

Exhausted? Run down?

Feeling stressed or anxious?

Bloated and gassy?

Food intolerances? Gut problems?

Period problems? PMS? 

Weight issues?


Does any of this sound familiar?

Want to feel energised and healthy BEFORE Christmas?

Then it's time for a reset!




A 3-week programme giving you nutritious, easy-to-digest meals, designed to:

energise your whole body;

support your liver to help clear hormones and toxins more easily;

boost your gut health by rebalancing your microbiome;

and release a few lbs along the way.


Don't wait for the New Year - take action now

Starting on Thursday 10th November, you will embark on a 25 day journey to a brighter, healthier you.

November Reset

This level is for you if you want to cleanse your system by eating fresh, healthy foods while supporting your liver and giving your gut a rebalancing boost.


What you receive in the November Reset:

  • 3 weeks of delicious recipes*, easy-to-follow meal plans (breakfast, lunch, dinner AND snacks) and weekly meal prep guides and shopping lists (worth £90)
  • 2 targeted supplements (worth almost £40):
    • Liver-loving detox-supporting supplement - this assists your liver in its detoxification process, helping you flush out the bad stuff and feel even better
    • Advanced gut-friendly probiotic designed to promote healthy digestion and general gut support
  • Online chat group for any questions and support during the Reset (worth £30)
  • Health Questionnaire to track your progress.

Starting on Thursday 10th November, you will embark on a 25 day journey to a brighter, healthier you.


Total value £159

Today only £99

plus the option to pay in two installments


How do I sign up?


The November Reset starts on Thursday 10th November

Prices include all your supplements.

Some of the delicious meals you could be making on the programme.

About Lucy
I'm a qualified nutritional therapist and a busy mum to three girls aged 7, 5 and 3.
I know how important it is to be feeling your best so that you cope with what life throws your way.
Having a healthy, energised body enables me to take on my day-to-day challenges.

Testimonials from Lucy's Clients

"Lucy has helped me to reset my eating habits. She has given me lots of good ideas for healthy meals which I'll take forward. Lucy has been a great support, the info provided was excellent. The recipes were easy to follow. The chocolate cauliflower shake is amazing!!"


- S took part in The Mum Boosting Detox

"I would highly recommend Lucy's plan to anyone who needs a bit of a reset or a boost. I felt great and so cleansed after the 3 weeks. I lost 5 pounds in total and my stomach cramps and bloating were completely gone! The food and meal plans were great. It's amazing how you think, as a busy working mum, that you need coffee every morning but I really didn't miss it at all!"


- N took part in The Mum Boosting Detox

"It was an amazing journey and the food was delicious. I highly recommend Lucy to help you with weight loss as the meals were very nice and she gives you huge support during your journey. Any questions I asked, she replied straight away."


- Z took part in The Mum Boosting Detox


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