The Mum to THRIVE Method
Giving Mums who Strive the tools to be Mums who Thrive

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Exhausted? Run down? Short fuse? Mood swings?

Feeling down or frustrated? Stressed or anxious?

Period problems? PMS? Weight issues?

Gut problems? Bloated, constipated, food intolerances?


Does this sound familiar?


"I always put my kid's needs first, because that's my job as a mum. Their health and wellbeing comes first, which usually means mine comes last, because I don't have the time or energy to deal with both.


And now I'm juggling parenting and work, as well as all the other daily challenges AND the mental load of being a mum.


On top of all that, my body just doesn't feel great - but I don't know where to start.


I just wish I had more energy to cope with it all, and that my body was functioning better."


You are NOT alone.


As a mum of 3 girls aged 5 and under, I understand! And it's exactly why I created the MUM TO THRIVE METHOD.


It's an 8 week programme and my goal is to guide you through the steps needed to boost your energy and wellbeing!


You might want to:

Work towards a specific wellbeing goal.

Feel more energised through eating the right foods and getting the right nutrients.

Take the stress out of the daily "what shall I make for dinner?"

Love food again by keeping it simple.

Or simply be able to cope with mum-life, and feel the best you have felt as a Mum!

Learn how to get back your

Bounce & Bloom.


Time to put your health first, so you can take care of everything else!

The Mum to THRIVE Method


Starting on Wednesday 30th September, we will embark on a journey to a more confident and content you.

A "you" that feels able to achieve so much more than you realised.

How we'll do it:

  • Ongoing support from me:
    • a mini 1:1 consult before we begin to find out your biggest health and wellbeing challenges
    • two group nutrition coaching sessions during the programme to keep you accountable and dive deeper
    • email access to me for support and questions throughout the programme.
  • "Mum to Thrive" eWorkbook with actionable steps to get you to where you want to be. This includes a meal planner template to help you meal plan for you and your family, making life just a little bit easier.
  • Four beautiful eBooks filled with delicious recipes that will help you to take the stress out of what to eat, release excess weight and get back your mojo! My meal plans and recipes are tailored to a mum's specific needs, yet are family-friendly too.
  • Targeted nutrients and supplements (worth over £150) to boost your energy and mental wellbeing.
  • Weekly information from me in bitesize, manageable chunks that you can fit into mum-life.
  • Short videos with the text included so you can watch, listen OR read the info - whatever suits you best.
  • Weekly challenges to help achieve your goals and keep you on track.
  • BONUS: "Thrive Live" - nutrition, mindset and wellbeing guidance with weekly live webinars from me and a panel of experts.

Thrive Live

A truly all-encompassing, empowering experience, that will make you think differently about what you are capable of.


Thrive Live happens every Tuesday evening throughout the 8-week programme.

It includes:

  • two group coaching sessions with me where we tackle the common problems the group are facing;
  • two live webinars from me where I will deep dive into topics at the core of Mum health; and
  • four live webinars from the Thrive Expert Panel.

The Thrive Expert Panel


A hand-picked panel of talented and passionate women who are experts in other supporting areas, and who can provide you with an amazing toolkit to

help tackle your day-to-day challenges with confidence.


We'll hear from:


Dee the Relationship Counsellor

Dee is an experienced relationship expert and member of the Relate media team, contributing on radio and in magazine articles. She is also the resident counsellor for the Money Clinic on Radio 4.


Jessie the Breathwork Coach

Jessie is a passionate breathwork coach who helps women live a truly authentic life, releasing their inner stress, trauma and grief through the power of breathing. She also offers breathwork for children!


Madeleine the Parenting Coach

Madeleine is a talented coach who supports busy, burnt-out mums, giving them the tools they need to deal with their kids' tantrums and other challenging behaviours, from toddlers to teenagers!


Navit the Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Navit is a mother, experienced CBT Therapist & Coach and founder of Conscious & Calm, helping conscious parents use proven CBT strategies to feel happier, less stressed and more confident..

How do I sign up?


Places are limited to a small group of special Mums, so that I can give everyone the attention they deserve.


The Mum to THRIVE Method starts

Wednesday 30th September


I'm offering all this amazing-ness for £477*

(individual components are valued at over £1500!)

This includes all your supplements.


BUT IF YOU SIGN UP BY MIDNIGHT 13th SEPTEMBER - you will get my Early Bird Offer of £387*.

*Payment Plans available.


Early Bird pricing ends at midnight 13th September!

Some of the delicious meals you could be making on the programme.


Get your Bounce & Bloom back.


Time to put your health first, so you can take care of everything else!


Programme starts Wednesday 30th September!

About Lucy
I'm a qualified nutritional therapist and a mum to three girls aged 5 and under. Lockdown has been challenging to say the least (see pics below)! I also know what it's like to be depleted after having children. I totally get it!
The one thing I have been able to do is provide myself, and my family, with nutritious meals.
I have also taken myself from burnt-out to blooming with targeted nutrients and food that my body was craving. Having a healthy, energised body enables me to take on my day-to-day challenges.

Some of the 'fun' things my kids have been getting up to during lockdown...


Get your Bounce & Bloom back


Time to put your health first, so you can take care of everything else!

Not ready to commit?


That's okay!

Book a FREE Discovery Call with me to find out more. I will run through the information above and answer any questions you have about the programme, and we can find out if it will be a good fit for you.

Testimonials from Lucy's Clients

"Lucy has helped me to reset my eating habits. She has given me lots of good ideas for healthy meals which I'll take forward. Lucy has been a great support, the info provided was excellent. The recipes were easy to follow. The chocolate cauliflower shake is amazing!!"


- Sarah took part in The Mum Boosting Detox

"I would highly recommend Lucy's plan to anyone who needs a bit of a reset or a boost. I felt great and so cleansed after the 3 weeks. I lost 5 pounds in total and my stomach cramps and bloating were completely gone! The food and meal plans were great. It's amazing how you think, as a busy working mum, that you need coffee every morning but I really didn't miss it at all!"


- Nicola took part in The Mum Boosting Detox

"It was an amazing journey and the food was delicious. I highly recommend Lucy to help you with weight loss as the meals were very nice and she gives you huge support during your journey. Any questions I asked, she replied straight away."


- Zee took part in the Mum Boosting Detox

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Early Bird pricing ends midnight 13th September!
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